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Kibin.com Review

While most online editing and proofreading service providers offer their services you would notice that the services are usually categorized by the kind of writing under consideration. However, the truth remains that the need of the customer is best understood and catered to by understanding the requirement according to the status of the customer. An article on marketing strategies cannot have the same level of editing requirements and content correction for a student and a business house. Therefore, while the core objective of the editing might be the same, the finer details vary according to the type of customer in question. This is where expert services of kibin.com exhibits its value.

The service is oriented around the need of the customer according to his/ her status. So one would find the services offered are categorized in to following categories:

  • Academicians who require academician’s approach for academic papers, dissertation and thesis to be edited and proofread
  • Students who need essay edition, reading and proofreading along with paper reading, editing and proofreading. These services also include for student personal statement and admission essay editing.
  • Authors who would definitely need book editing, proofreading as well as manuscript editing, and proofreading. They also offer novel editing and proofreading.
  • Businesses that need their official documents, presentations, web content and blogs edited as well as proofread.
  • Personal category, which includes resume and cover letter editing and proofreading This category also offers grammar checking in writings specifically.
  • ESL for English editing, proofreading and grammar check

However, while focusing on this kind of categorization kibin.com also does not undermine the need for customers’ need oriented services and hence, they offer the same for editing, proofreading and specifically grammar checking of different documents irrespective of the customers’ status.

Repeated reminders about privacy of document submitted being maintained shows, that kibin.com takes privacy of client material very seriously. Additionally, 24/7 customer service ensures that constant communication channels are maintained to counter any form of contingency.

The only part, which is not very likeable, is the fact that a customer cannot choose in advance the amount of money he/ she would spend and take a prompt decision in advance. One has to upload one’s document and wait to get a quote for the job required to be executed. However, there is a good side to it. The charges involved would be as per the job requirements. In addition, another important feature is the fact that kibin.com takes in to consideration the status of the write up too. Hence, while uploading the document options regarding status of the writing are provided to select for a better-evaluated quote that is justifiable.

The best part probably would be the fast turnaround time. In certain cases, they are capable of turning around the entire job in as less as 3 hours of total time.