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We’ll Make Sure Your Manuscript is Ready For Publication

Whether you are submitting an academic paper for marking, or research project for a peer-reviewed journal, it is all too easy to overlook the editing process. In Academia and in almost every research field, you will be required to submit a document which has flawless grammar and spelling, as well as pristine formatting which adheres perfectly to a strict academic/research-based style.

Even the most experienced of researchers requires assistance when structuring and proofreading their project paper in order for it to be acceptable, in the eyes of an academic marker or journal editor.

No matter how ground-breaking your research, no matter how well conceived your project, without the assistance of a talented and insightful research paper editor, you run the risk of losing marks, being rejected by your chosen journal, or even worse: Both!

But don’t worry. That’s where we come in.

What We Can Do For You

At Edit-My-Papers.com we can provide you with a variety of expert research paper editing services, including:

  • Journal-Ready Formatting: Confused by academic and research formatting? Not sure whether your manuscript follows journal guidelines? Then we can help. Our experts will identify any issues with your text formatting, and will assist you in adhering to strict academic and journal guidelines.
  • Figures: Does your work contain photos, tables, graphs, or other images? We will help you format these elements of your project ensuring that they are presented in a professional, appealing, and effective way.
  • Content Editing: Our content editing process is second to none. We will offer you advice on the general flow of your project, making sure that it does indeed convey the information you intended, and ensuring that it develops consistently, having academic readability and tone.
  • Line Editing: Each sentence will be meticulously assessed for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and general sentence structure. We will help you identify and correct any undesirable element of your project which could lose you marks, or submission status.
  • Assistance for Journal Publishers: Our expert research paper editors are always on hand to assist published journals should they require it. We can provide first class editing in almost any field of research, enabling us to ensure the best possible product via both online research paper editing and published journal editing.

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Our Guarantee

At Edit-My-Papers.com we pride ourselves on providing a research paper editing service which is unrivalled in terms of quality and affordability. All of our highly trained editors have extensive backgrounds in a wide variety of research areas and will do everything in their power to ensure that your research paper undergoes the most rigorous and carefully crafted research editing process available.

We’re here to help you produce the highest quality manuscript possible, to get the grade you desire and to have your work accepted by your journal of choice.

Contact us today, and let’s get your manuscript to where it deserves to be.

That’s the Edit-My-Papers.com way!