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Get that Job with Our Cover Letter Editing Services!

At Edit-My-Papers.com we offer a cover letter editing service which is unrivalled by any of our competitors. We are fast, effective, affordable, and we guarantee that our work is of the highest quality.

Why You Need Us

Whether you are applying for a job, submitting a manuscript for review, or approaching an academic institute about a position – cover letter editing is utterly essential.

First impressions count!

A cover letter is your way of presenting yourself to a prospective employer, business partner, client, or academic reviewer. You cannot risk making a bad impression. We want to make sure that you make the kind of impact with your cover letter that can only lead to the most positive of outcomes.

At Edit-My-Papers.com we focus on two primary goals:

  • Positive Impression: Ensuring that you make a strongly positive impression on the letter recipient. Even if your cover letter is well written, it is very easy to misplace a word or phrase meaning that even if the recipient does open your attached résumé, based on your cover letter they may already have forged a negative opinion of you which could affect their reading of your C.V. We guarantee that with a Edit-My-Papers.com cover letter you will make a great impression!
  • Opening Rate: This is essential. Effectively the opening rate is how often a recipient decides to look at your portfolio piece or résumé following on from your letter. In other words, we aim to make sure that your cover letter creates a desire in the reader to open up your portfolio or résumé and continue reading. A letter which immediately lets a recipient know, you are someone to seriously consider.

What We Will Do For You

We provide a variety of cover letter editing services, including:

  • Analysis: Each of our cover letter editors will appraise your work, carefully analysing your cover letter’s strength’s and weaknesses. This will include a variety of helpful comments and suggestions which you will be able to use to markedly improve the effectiveness of your cover letter and any others you write in the future.
  • Revision: We will provide you, not only with suggestions for increasing the reliability and opening rate of your cover letter, but we will also implement many of those suggestions ourselves, taking the hassle away from you.
  • Content Editing: Our content editing approach is renowned. The cover letter editor assigned to you will evaluate the entire flow of your letter, providing assistance in increasing its readability and ensuring that it conveys the information needed.
  • Line Editing: Edit-My-Papers.com cover letter editors will pour over each and every sentence of your letter, identifying and rectifying spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, incorrect word usage, and inappropriate sentence structure.

And many more…

Our Promise

At Edit-My-Papers.com our commitment to offering the best in cover letter editing services is matched only by our desire to see you reach your goals.

Think Quality
Think Affordability
Think of the best cover letter editors

Like all of our clients, we’re sure, you’ll think of us!