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We Will Take Your Writing to the Next Level

You’ve poured countless hours into your manuscript, piecing it together word by word. Now that you are finished crafting your masterpiece, there’s nothing left but to mail it off to an agent or publisher and sit back while the multi-million dollar offers come floating in, right?

If only it were that simple!

No Writer Gets Published Without a Great Editor!

The truth is that the publishing industry has been around for hundreds of years. You may have honed your own skills as a writer, but publishers and agents have perfected the art of identifying which books are worth their time, and which are not. They want to make money from your book, and make you money in the process, but they can only do that if your manuscript is something they believe they can sell to potential readers. It has to avoid the usual writing pitfalls and show that you have taken the writing process seriously by submitting a flawless manuscript.

You, the author, are too near to your work. With a fresh perspective and an ability to appraise your book in an objective way, a talented manuscript editor will make sure your writing has the best chance of success.

There’s one rule in the publishing world, and one rule only:

No editor, no publisher

Every writer, from Stephen King to J.K. Rowling, requires an editing process to get their book to where it needs to be: That’s where we come in. At Edit-My-Papers.com we know how important your work is to you, and we know exactly how to make it just as important to the publisher.

Let us help you get noticed!

What We Can Do For You

Our manuscript editing service is second to none, with industry leading book editors ready to help you take your work to the next level. Diligent, disciplined and talented, each manuscript editor will work closely with you, providing line editing and content editing with unrivalled attention to detail.

Our editing services include appraisal of:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Story flow and pacing
  • Character development and consistent behaviour/dialogue
  • Overall Readability
  • Thematic variances
  • Sentence structure and word usage
  • Consistency for point of view of each character
  • Tension building, setting, and genre style/conventions

And many other facets of editing.

A Fresh Perspective

Along with some of the best book editors in the business, we also offer a comprehensive critiquing service which has proven to be indispensable to our published clients.

This includes providing advice on:

  • Set-up and resolution within your story
  • A critique of conflict between characters and how this can be improved
  • Creating a believable and consistent setting
  • Clearly defining your characters and their motivations
  • Plot development to grab your reader’s attention

Editing Without the Hassle

At Edit-My-Papers.com we provide you with manuscript editing services which are accessible, affordable, and unparalleled in their scope. Each of our editors is dedicated to helping you develop your reputation as a writer and achieving your goals.

Contact us today, and let’s get started!