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Proof-editing.com Review

Proof-editining.com is an online portal where one could hire proofreading as well as editing services for one’s write up.

The company has been operating since the late ’90-s. over this period of time it has established itself beautifully in a category where there seems to be many sub- sections and the company seems to be able to offer its solutions to all of them.

While there are many organizations and entities of different kinds who offer proofreading ad editing services, there are very few who offer it for all kinds of writings. Further, even within these entities some specialize only in proofreading while others specialize in editing. By offering both the solutions to its customers, proof-editing.com gains an upper hand in the market and makes life easier for its clients. The great testimonials on display are sure evidence of this fact.

While editing services are offered by many other entities, they offer editing services for some specific kinds of writings in most cases. However, this company offers editing services for the following:

  • Book editing
  • Business editing
  • Dissertation editing
  • Copy editing
  • Essay correction and editing
  • Resume editing
  • Thesis editing
  • Professional editing
  • Online editing

When it comes to proofreading, they provide customer friendly proofread format, which is easy to compare to the original. Most of the proofreaders simply proofread and send it back to the author/ writer. It makes the job of cross checking with the original writing too difficult, especially if the write up is long. However, proof-editing.com inserts notes on proofread and corrected parts on the right hand side for an easy and quick reference. This makes the job way simpler. Crosschecking proofreading is no longer a difficult job.

The added edge that the company provides a customer is through professional assessors. Unlike many of their counterparts, proof-editing.com hires only professional editors and proofreaders from academic and professional fields who are well versed with the nuances of the job. Therefore, you could expect professional performance from them under any circumstances.

The convenience also lies in the fact that according to your budget you could choose only proofreading services which is less costly than editing service. It would include grammar, spelling and punctuation checks but not formatting the entire write up. However, in case you could afford the higher price band, it would be wise to opt for editing services, which would include all of these facilities, plus the additional services of sentence and content correction, as it would be applicable.

Overall, the services provided are great. They also have la live chat option to assist you, which is great, as you do not have to call up customer care every time you have an enquiry. They are true professionals as they are ready to rework your document if you are not satisfied with their work, without any additional charge at all.